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Anthony discovered his artistic gift at the early age of 10. Joyful from seeing the first stroke of the pencil to the end results from “drawings of still life” household objects, this later became the pathway leading to the now, his fascination for contemporary art. Anthony does not, however limit himself as his love for the fine arts peaks his interest to explore many other mediums from watercolors to calligraphy. Anthony enjoys the creative process in his acrylic paintings of seascapes and landscapes to graphite drawings, from brainstorming ideas to adding harmonious details and color combinations to captivate his audience. These patterns continue to display throughout his career as an artist. Anthony has held painting and drawing demonstrations in local communities within the U.S. from states of Texas, South Carolina and Michigan and does both solo and group exhibitions. He currently resides in Houston, Texas, enjoys being active as a volunteer in the art community and is an art educator offering private lessons in painting and drawing for both children and adults. For further information on classes or requests for commissioned paintings or drawings, please feel free to click the link and contact me. Thank you!